Over the years legends like Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Garry Neville (Manchester United), Paolo Maldini (AC Milan), Carles Puyol (FC Barcelona), Tony Adams (Mr. Arsenal) have been known as the few players to grace the jersey of single clubs their entire career. Added to this exclusive list is Francesco Totti who has played for boyhood club Roma his entire career.

Francesco Totti gracing the A.S Roma jersey for a lifetime.

Loyalty is an adjective which is bandied about in football a lot. But former Italy international Totti, 39, who made his Roma debut in 1993 is proving to be another exception with an entire career spent at his hometown club A.S Roma.

Totti selfie
Loyalty immortalised: Totti takes selfie with his one and only fans

Spending an entire career in a single club in present time club football is just as odd as having a long term “happy-ever” marriage life between two Hollywood stars. One club men such as Ryan Giggs, Carles Puyol and Paolo Maldini are lauded for their commitment to their hometown clubs. But they were all guaranteed to be challenging for the biggest trophies on offer year in year out. Francesco Totti on his part wasn’t guaranteed such luxury but only sort to making Roma the better side at the Olympico and the Serie A. The Roma playmaker was the best midfielder on the planet in 2004. He would have won the Ballon d’Or but for an off-the-ball incident at that summer’s European Championships. These off the pitch issues have characterised in the most part the very illustrate career of Totti. Totti, who helped Roma to success in Serie A in 2000-01 as well as winning the Coppa Italia in 2007 and 2008, had reassured club president James Pallotta in December that he was ready to “continue playing as long as his body would cope.”

totti wins scudeto
Scudeto win 2000-01 with captain Totti

Francesco Totti has been a very sort for player through out his career but the love story between and him and Roma for sure would never end. He could have left for a bigger club and maybe challenged for the Champions League. We all know the happy ever endings given in ferry tales. Totti’s tale still goes strong though 39, he is now Serie A’s second top goalscorer ever with 244 — 30 shy of Silvio Piola’s record. We all know of a certain Teddy Sheringham who grace the Premier league till his 42nd birth day, so Totti could be far from retirement. However, his wife, popular TV personality Ilary Blasi, has told Italian weekly Oggi that Totti is now preparing to hang up his boots.”The time has come. Francesco is going to be 40 next year,” she said. “He has enjoyed all this so much that I really think that right now he is desiring something else. But he will remain involved in football for sure.”

Totti bye
Totti could still be far from waving good bye to ROMA and football fans

Roma have won three Serie A titles in their 89 year history , Totti has been at the forefront of their last and most famous victory. His career highlight would have been his only Scudetto in 2001, despite winning the World Cup with Italy five years later (2006). At a time when Italian teams could afford to buy any player they wanted, it was a homegrown talent who captained the Scudetto-winning team that season. Until when shall “EL-capitaine” grace the Olympico and Serie A pitches? Well let’s hope his body coups for a longer time.



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