Cristiano Ronaldo is know more for his goal scoring but at Cordoba on Saturday 24th January 2015 he made the headlines for the wrong reasons. In the same line, French defender Philippe Mexes almost chuched life out of Lazio captain Stefano Mauri. 

Cristiano Ronaldo covered off a number of football crimes including: a kick, a slap, a punch earning a red card and some cheeky goading from Cordoba suppotters. The 29-year-old – voted the world’s best player when he was awarded Fifa’s Ballon d’Or this month – lashed out with seven minutes remaining of Real Madrid’s 2-1 win at Cordoba.

Ronaldo loses cool and  kicks Edimar
                Ronaldo loses cool and kicks Edimar

His reckless kick on defender Edimar was followed by a slap to the Brazilian’s face and Ronaldo could have seen red earlier when he appeared to have hang a hook on defender Jose Angel Crespo. That sin went unpunished but after being dismissed for the ninth time in his career, the Portuguese dusted off his World Club Cup winners’ badge as rival fans taunted him on his way to the tunnel. A show of defiance maybe, but a contrite apology swiftly followed: “I apologise to everyone and especially to Edimar for my thoughtless acts in today’s match,” said RonaldoIt is not the first time the so-often slick and cool Ronaldo has engaged in an act of violence and three of the four red cards shown to him in La Liga have now been for fighting with opponents.

Referee Alejandro Hernandez gives Ronaldo matching orders
Referee Alejandro Hernandez gives Ronaldo                                     matching orders

Gareth Bale – a player booed for not passing to Ronaldo in recent weeks – netted a late Los Blancos winner to nullify the impact of the red card. Referee Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez did not deem this act violent.  Ronaldo is therefore unlikely to serve a three-game ban which would take in the Madrid derby on 7 February. Football action has so much adrenaline that even the very best tend to stein their names in anger.

Familiar with sending offs, AC Milan defender Philippe Mexes saw red amid Serie A brawl making him the most angry footballer anywhere in Europe.

Mexes loses cool completely
Mexes loses cool completely

AC Milan defender Philippe Mexes was sent off after grabbing Lazio captain Stefano Mauri by the throat during his team’s 3-1 defeat at The Olympico. Both gentlemen went on common action and later tempers began to flair. The pair were separated but Frenchman Mexes went back for more, first trying to head-butt Mauri before grabbing him from behind. in an almost chuck-slam wrestle fashion, Mexes proved his authority to the Lazio superstar. It took the intervention of Milan captain Ricardo Montolivo and players from both teams to help separate Mauri from the claw of Mexes. “I have to apologise to the club, the coach and my family,” Mexes said afterwards. “It was the wrong reaction and I am sorry because I left the team with 10 men and I will be suspended.”Unfortunately I made a mistake.

Sanctions must fall for such actions
Mexes turns Football into wrestling

In my career I have had these reactions. These things should not happen out on a football pitch.”I have children and this is not the sort of example that a father should set.” After such action, sanctions will certainly fall as Mexes’ action was out of place and costly to AC Milan who were in the driving seat before his sending off.


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