In 2008, a pool of experts in Highway and Transportation Engineering, Medical & Paramedical practitioners, Educationists and other individuals involved in Road Safety activities created a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) called Cameroon Road Safety Foundation (CAROSAF) with Head Quarters in Buea, South West Region, and Republic of Cameroon. CAROSAF is an administratively Registered Foundation in conformity with Article 7 of Law No. 90/053 of 19/12/90 in the Republic of Cameroon. It advocates Road Safety and highway injury prevention and its main objectives amongst others are to:

 1)      Promote a culture of safety amongst road users;

 2)      Raise awareness on Road Safety;

 3)      Build Road Safety partnerships,

         4)      Create/strengthen Road Safety stakeholder groups,

5)      Help in the implementation of Road Safety measures.

Edwin Achimbom Minang National Coordinator,Cameroon Road Safety Foundation (CAROSAF)
Edwin Achimbom Minang
National Coordinator,Cameroon Road Safety Foundation (CAROSAF)

The erstwhile infinitesimal rate of accidents in present time stands at an exponential level which is a wake-up call for  all. CAROSAF is out remind the Cameroonian community on the essence of using the road safely. Road Safety is a humanitarian issue and therefore must be a responsibility for all.

Focus: CAROSAF is dedicated to reducing Road Crash Injury and death in our community,

Performance: CAROSAF has a reputation for delivering demonstrable results and a track record for the implementation of GOOD PRACTICE,

Capacity: CAROSAF’s Team of Road Safety Practitioners and Highway Transport Engineers and extensive network of experienced partners constantly improve the quality of activities on ground,

     Reputation: As a Civil Society Organization (CSO), CAROSAF creates partnerships    that unites working teams in Road safety – from the highest levels of Government, through stateCorporations, Top Business Institutions, Councils and the Grass Root towards sustainable, locally owned and managed solutions in Road Safety & Highway Injury Prevention.

Sustainability: CAROSAF’s partnership approach focuses on long term, multi-sectoral programmes that will be nourished by local partners who have an interest in fighting this new carnage of Road Crashes.

The present status of CAROSAF permits for its constant coordination of Road Safety activities especially the grass with schools and local council authorities. The proper practice of safety measure begin from ones door step,before the road.



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