Roberto Carlos exposes the shaddy odasity of Samuel Eto’o at Anzhi

In an interview with Globoesporte, Roberto Carlos presents Samuel Eto’o Fils as an arrogant and but talented player. sensational statements that open the door to a settling of accounts through the media from the Anzhi Alumni.

Roberto and Eto'o never had a good time
Roberto and Eto’o never had a good time

“With the arrival of Eto’o in the locker room, there were a few small problems to solve, I had to explain to several players the reasons for his transfer. Then came a time when Samuel was affecting my work. He wanted to control the club, to take my place as captain and that of Guus Hiddink, the coach, who he cowardly dispiced. I knew Eto’o since when he was still 16 and I’ve always appreciated he talent as a footballer. He is a good person, but thinks of himself and not of the group. When a player, instead of playing, is interested in the selection of players who are his friends, this is somewhat confusing and strange. He did everything to Anzhi except play football. ”

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