Interview with Regional Delegate of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

“The construction works will continue even if the president comes and goes because nobody knows when he is coming”


Regional Delegate for the Ministry Of Housing And Urban Development in the Southwest.

Q1- What are the various construction projects taking place in view of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Reunification of Cameroon in Buea?

The regional delegation of the ministry of Housing and Urban Development is undergoing twelve (12) road construction projects, that is; main roads, potholes, gutters, removing the middle of the road, horizontal marking, zebra crossing and even the slabs.

Q2-Which companies took the contract and how has the work been shared amongst the companies?

ARAB CONTRACTORS CAMEROON and CHARIOT COMPANY LTD took the contract. The share of the work is done in accordance to the contracts signed by each of these companies. The projects touch almost all neighborhoods in Buea, for which the population is called upon to collaborate for the town to get a new face lift.

These two companies are supervised by two different companies namely: Didon Conseils Sarl and SADEG for ARAB CONTRACTORS CAMEROON and CHARIOT COMPANY LTD respectively.


Mile 17 –Police roundabout – Prime minister’s lodge, Presidency to Bokwaongo, Regional delegation of Security- Governor’s office-Governor’s residence-Court of appeal- BICCEC junction-court junction residence of the secretary general of the region, Kuve junction(formerly tuborg junction)- Hospital-military camp-Razel street-main road, Old cinema hall-Bonalyonga-Wondong-council, Buea town-catholic church-ENAP, Governor’s office- upper farm prison, Mile 18-malingo junction, Bonduma-Bokwai, campaign street-Wonyamongo-Buea town, Federal quarter-west farm-GHS Bokwango and parking lots at the presidential residence in Bokwaongo-Buea.

Chariot construction Ltd at work
Chariot construction Ltd at work


Parking lots,Police  station roundabout Legion gendarmerie-governor’s office, Wonya Mongo-Buea town, government primary school(Small Soppo)- Moki garage(Great Soppo) and Affosi-Bokwai-Muea.

Q3-How much has been done on the various earmarked projects.

Work is on and according to DIDON CONSEIL SARL and SADEG the work is slow because the dateline has passed. The Federal quarter-west farm-GHS Bokwango and Governor’s office-Upper farm prison have been removed from the projects and old cinema hall-Bonalyonga-Wondong-council, Buea town-catholic church-ENAP have been added to the projects.


Q4-What is the dateline for these projects to be completed?

The dateline has passed. It was for March ending where Chariot was at 45% and Arab at 33%.


Q5-What was the budget for these projects?

Development does not come freely there must be a cost to see new infrastructure. Initially, the budget was nine billion FCFA (FCFA, but presently, the budget has risen to twelve billion FCFA ( FCFA in all since some work has been added.

Seven billion seven hundred and forty million seven hundred and thirty four thousand sixty three FCFA (FCFA 7.740.734.063) for ARAB CONTRACTORS CAMEROON and three billion six hundred and one million nine hundred and eighty five thousand seven hundred and thirty eight FCFA (FCFA 3,601.985.738) for CHARIOT COMPANY LTD.


Q6- What have been the challenges in the accomplishments of these projects?

You know you cannot commence work without signing the contract. Late signing of contract was a problem. The contract was signed in March which was expected to be the dateline even though work started in December.

Also, the slow nature of payment of money has also been a major constraint to the contractors, but the work is going on.

Finally, the work load has increased and therefore the dateline has to be extended. As a result of this, the contractors are asking for a four month extension so as to finish these projects but their request is still under consideration from the authorities. The work will continue even if the president comes and goes because nobody knows when he is coming.



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