Over 200 students from the University of Yaoundé 1 have been called upon to show good moral conduct and responsible living during their three months academic stay at the University of Buea. The call was made recently, at the Amphi theatre 250, during an orientation exercise chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Technology,Information and Communication, Professor Joyce Endeley.

In consonance with the requirements and objectives of the bilingual degree programme in the Universities of Buea and Yaoundé 1, two hundred and forty one students of the latter and thirty seven from UB have begun a 12 week immersion programme in the Department of English. The initiative, professor Endeley articulated, is to engross and enthrall students of French locale into the Anglo Saxon system of education and the English culture, while those of the English milieu are undergoing a similar exercise at the Ngoa Ekelle campus, Yaoundé.

Cross-section of participants
Cross-section of participants

Having registered for 30 credits, the coordinator of the programme Mrs. Titanji Beatrice says the students are expected to acquire a reframed proficiency in the English language. For this reason, she further hints, the students are offering courses like; written communication and vocabulary (IMM 406),English literature and civilization(IMM 404), advanced listening and speaking skills for foreign and second language learners (IMM 402),amongst others.

To bring out the mark of professionalism, these students having received a few lectures have been assigned to specific places amongst which are rural communities, regional delegations, secondary schools, cultural sites and touristic avenues. At the end of this third edition of the immersion forum, the 278 students will submit a report to the English Department which will count as part of their evaluation.

Immersion students at examination
Immersion students at examination

It merits a note that some years ago, the immersion exercise was done at the Universities of Leads (Britain) and Besancon (France) for students of French and English background respectively.


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