A new Agricultural Farm House has been constructed on the farm site of the 3-year-old Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (FAVM). This Farm House will serve as a facility for the storage of farm proceeds after planting seasons. The project which has been ongoing for several months now is at its completion phase and is financed with the budget of the FAVM for the 2012 financial year at the University of Buea: chapter 461, article 390001, and paragraph 670300 with the Vice-Chancellor as the contracting authority.

FAVM farm house at near complition
FAVM farm house at near completion

The new accommodation, consisting of eight rooms is of “immeasurable importance” to the Teaching, Research and Production Unit (farm unit) of the FAVM as one of the field technicians of the farm unit, Mr.Efungani Lyonga told The Chariot. He said the farm is a laboratory for the natural scientist and needs equipment, staff (human resource) and input in the ranks of insecticides, fertilizers, fungicides, planting seeds and many others. These necessities need to be close to the farm for easy accessibility. Moreover, when harvest is done, there is vitality for storage. The farm house therefore has been partitioned as follows, the manager’s office, an office for field technicians, secretariats, a room for the storage of equipment and inputs, a cool room for storing farm produce like tomatoes, carrots and vegetables, and a sales room.

The farm unit of the FAVM is working hard to meet the standards of second generation agriculture which Cameroon is striving at. While the entry level students (first year) have embarked on the growing of field crops like tomatoes and vegetables, to meet up with the high demands from the entire spectrum of the population, the 300 level students (second year) are into maize production.

FAVM students show case farmland.
FAVM students show case farmland.

And to complement the fact that agriculture needs a lot of human attention, students from each level are assigned a day and each of them manages a farm plot for practical work. Currently, the 400 level or third year students are into variety agriculture like the cultivation of okra, poultry farming, pig farming (piggery) and fish farming.

At the moment, there is no fish pond and pig farm at the farm site, so students have to go out of campus to catch some farming experience in these likes. A small poultry has been put in place with 50 birds so that the students can have a feel of rearing birds.

The field technician further told these reporters that they face a problem of recognition as the university community is yet to understand who they are and what their worth, especially as the go about on campus in green overalls and rain boots. The students themselves are yet to comprehend the importance attached to them by the state, given that agriculture is at the heart of the Cameroonian economy- reason why the government surprised them with two brand new tractors. When The Chariot asked one of the students to comment on the importance of the farm house to him, he said “the farm house is to me as the studio is to a journalist”. Though the house is yet to be used, at least it exists.


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